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ASMI Specialised Manufacturing Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Biological Safety Cabinet

ASMI-BSC Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet

Advanced Biosafety Protection

ASMI-BSC Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet offers cutting-edge biosafety measures for laboratories handling hazardous materials. Equipped with innovative features and advanced technology, this biosafety cabinet ensures maximum operator protection and prevents cross-contamination during critical procedures.

Advanced Safety Features

Directional Mass Airflow for Operator Protection

The cabinet's directional mass air flow, powered by high-performance blowers, creates a protective barrier around the operator, preventing exposure to hazardous materials. Air is drawn beneath the work surface, filtered through mini pleat HEPA filters of grade 14, and then directed downward to safeguard products and processes from contamination.

Motorized Glass Sash Assembly Movement

Experience seamless operation with the motorised front glass sash, allowing precise control over airflow dynamics. This feature enables swift adjustments to maintain optimal containment conditions while minimising operator fatigue.

UV Lamp for Enhanced Sterilisation

Integrate UV lamp technology to ensure thorough sterilisation of the work area, effectively eliminating airborne contaminants and enhancing overall biosafety levels within the cabinet.

Dual HEPA Filtration System

Benefit from the dual HEPA filtration system, where 70% of sterile air is blown downward, while the remaining 30% is either ducted out or recirculated through a secondary HEPA filter. This ensures optimal air quality within the laboratory environment, minimising the risk of airborne particulate contamination.

Advanced Graphical User Interface with Soft Press Control

Control and monitor cabinet functions effortlessly through an advanced graphical user interface, now enhanced with micro control-based soft press buttons for even more intuitive operation. This sophisticated interface, driven by a micro-controller, offers real-time data feedback, streamlining operational efficiency and bolstering safety protocols without compromising on user experience or control precision.

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