ASMI Specialised Manufacturing Industries Pvt. Ltd.

ASMI Specialised Manufacturing Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Laboratory Furniture Models

Series – 1

Modular Flexibility

This series is designed for versatility and ease of integration into any laboratory space. With worktops installed on under-bench cabinets or panels, Series 1 offers an innovative solution that combines functionality with aesthetics. The integrated plinth elevates the cabinet bottom, providing an ergonomic working height while ensuring stability without the need for an additional framework. This series is perfect for labs requiring adaptable and space-efficient furniture solutions.


Series – 2

Enhanced Durability

Tailored for environments demanding robust and durable furniture, Series 2 features worktops supported by metal frameworks. The 'H' frames, constructed from high-grade mild steel square sections, ensure that even the heaviest loads are supported with ease. Under-bench cabinets can be placed on these frames, offering a secure and stable storage solution. This series is ideal for laboratories that handle heavy equipment or require extra durability in their furniture.


Series – 3

Advanced Mobility

Series 3 is designed with a focus on flexibility and mobility. The heavy-duty cantilever metal frame allows for the easy rearrangement of workspaces to suit changing laboratory needs. Worktops are supported in a way that facilitates the use of suspended or mobile cabinets, enabling a customizable and efficient laboratory environment. This series is perfect for dynamic labs that prioritise adaptability and modern design.


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