ASMI Specialised Manufacturing Industries Pvt. Ltd.

ASMI Specialised Manufacturing Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Laboratory Work Benches

Island Bench

Centralised Collaboration

The Island Bench series is designed as a free-standing unit, accessible from all sides, making it perfect for central locations within the lab. It fosters collaboration and easy access, supporting a variety of tasks from simple testing to complex experiments. This series emphasises flexibility and efficiency in laboratory environments that prioritise teamwork and shared equipment use.


Wall Bench

Optimised Space Utilisation

Wall Benches are tailored for laboratories with space constraints or specific workflow requirements. Installed against a wall, these benches integrate seamlessly with lab infrastructure, providing a sturdy and reliable work surface. They are ideal for setups that require close proximity to wall-mounted instruments, utilities, and storage solutions, optimising the use of available space.


Peninsular Bench

Versatile Functionality

Combining the features of Island and Wall Benches, the Peninsular Bench offers unmatched versatility. It extends from a wall bench, creating an L-shaped work area accessible from three sides. This design is suitable for labs that require both the efficiency of wall benches and the accessibility of island benches, offering a flexible solution for a variety of laboratory activities.


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