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Canopy Hoods

ASMI Canopy Hoods

Efficient Exhaust Solutions

ASMI Canopy Hoods are engineered to provide effective exhaust solutions for non-toxic materials such as steam, odours, and heat in laboratory environments. With a versatile design and coupled with a blower and ductwork, our Canopy Hoods offer flexibility in operation across a wide range of exhaust rates. Available in both wall and ceiling-mounted configurations, ASMI Canopy Hoods are adaptable to various laboratory setups and requirements.

Efficient Exhaust System

Designed to efficiently remove non-toxic materials from the laboratory environment, ASMI Canopy Hoods ensure the safe extraction of steam, odours, and heat. The hood's configuration, coupled with a powerful blower and ductwork, allows for effective ventilation and maintains a clean and comfortable workspace.

Detachable Blower and Ductwork Compatibility

Our Canopy Hoods are innovatively designed to ensure seamless integration with blowers and ductwork systems for efficient and reliable operation. The built-in blower is thoughtfully engineered to be detachable, highlighting our commitment to ease of maintenance and flexibility in use. This detachable feature ensures that maintenance work is straightforward and hassle-free. Additionally, the blower can be opted for as a separate component, providing clients with the option to customize their setup according to specific requirements. This adaptability enhances the hood's performance, ensuring optimal airflow and exhaust rates for any environment.

Versatile Mounting Options

ASMI offers both wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted Canopy Hoods, providing flexibility in installation to suit the layout and design of your laboratory. Whether you require overhead extraction or prefer a wall-mounted solution, ASMI Canopy Hoods can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Enhanced Safety and Comfort

ASMI Canopy Hoods prioritise safety and comfort in the laboratory environment. By effectively removing steam, odours, and heat, these hoods contribute to a cleaner and healthier workspace, promoting a conducive environment for scientific work and experimentation.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

With user-friendly design features, ASMI Canopy Hoods offer easy installation and maintenance. The streamlined setup process and accessible components simplify maintenance tasks, ensuring minimal downtime and uninterrupted laboratory operations.

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