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ASMI Storage Cabinets

Maximising Space Efficiency

ASMI Storage Cabinets offer versatile storage solutions designed to optimise space utilisation in laboratory and industrial settings. Whether you require wall-mounted cabinets for efficient utilisation of vertical space above benches or tall storage cabinets for larger storage capacity, ASMI has you covered. Available in standard and customisable widths, our storage cabinets are tailored to meet your specific storage needs. Choose from open cabinets (without doors), panel doors, glass inbuilt doors, or sliding doors to customise your storage solution according to your preferences and requirements.

Efficient Organization and Accessibility

With ASMI Storage Cabinets, you can efficiently organise and access your stored items, enhancing workflow efficiency and productivity. The customizable door options allow you to tailor your storage solution to meet the unique requirements of your laboratory or workspace, ensuring easy access to essential items when needed.

Versatile Applications

ASMI Storage Cabinets are suitable for a wide range of applications, including laboratories, workshops, industrial facilities, and more. Whether you need to store equipment, supplies, or materials, our storage cabinets provide a reliable and efficient solution for organising and protecting your valuable assets.

Tall Storage Cabinets for Larger Storage Capacity

Our Tall Storage Cabinets offer generous storage capacity, making them ideal for storing bulkier items, equipment, and supplies. With their taller design, these cabinets maximise vertical storage space, allowing you to store more items while conserving valuable floor space in your facility.

Customizable Options

ASMI Storage Cabinets are available in various configurations to suit your specific needs and preferences. Choose from open cabinets for easy access to contents, panel doors for added security and protection, glass inbuilt doors for visibility of contents, or sliding doors for space-saving convenience.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets for Efficient Space Utilisation

ASMI Wall Storage Cabinets provide ample storage space while effectively utilising the wall space above benches. These cabinets are ideal for storing frequently used items and equipment within easy reach, maximising workflow efficiency and organisation in the laboratory or workspace.

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