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ASMI Specialised Manufacturing Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Laminar Flow Cabinet

ASMI-LV Laminar Flow Cabinet

Advanced Contamination Control

ASMI-LV Laminar Flow Cabinet sets the benchmark for contamination control in laboratory environments. Engineered with precision and equipped with advanced features, this laminar flow cabinet ensures maximum safety and reliability for sensitive experiments and procedures.

Advanced Airflow Velocity Detection

Integrated airflow velocity detecting sensors provide real-time monitoring of airflow dynamics within the cabinet, ensuring consistent and optimal airflow rates. This feature enhances operational safety and guarantees uniform distribution of sterile air across the workspace, minimising the risk of contamination.

Built-in Alarm System

Stay informed and proactive with the built-in alarm system of the ASMI-LV Laminar Flow Cabinet. Instantaneous notifications alert operators to any deviations from preset safety parameters, allowing for prompt corrective actions and ensuring uninterrupted experimental integrity.

Maximum Safety in Work Area

ASMI-LV prioritises operator safety with its comprehensive safety features. From precise airflow control to meticulous filtration systems, every aspect of the cabinet is designed to create a secure work environment, safeguarding both personnel and experimental integrity.

Easy Access to Filter Area

Streamline maintenance procedures with the easy-to-access filter area of the ASMI-LV Laminar Flow Cabinet. Swift filter replacements are facilitated, minimising downtime and ensuring uninterrupted workflow continuity, thus optimising laboratory efficiency.

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